My zynga poker account has been suspended

My texas holdem poker has POLICY VIOLATION WARNINGYOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR 7 DAYS help meee pleaseeeeeeeeeee,,,zynga. This account has been suspended или здравствуйте, на…

Articles by Elaine Chaivarlis | PokerNews All Poker news and strategy Articles written By Elaine Chaivarlis at Casino Finder - - Buy Facebook Poker Chips If you are unable to see empty tables and change casino button in the lobby, it will mean your account has a Zynga account error. This error will make it near impossible for us to locate each other. Zynga Poker | zyngapoker, antibanned, zynga, poker

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I have a Zynga poker account, i am tied into it through Facebook, my wife tried to access my facebook page and she changed some tof the securitymy facebook has been suspended and my account has been hacked into, somone from poker has hacked into it and my email i need help… read more.

Why was I suspended? from zynga poker texas holdem??

Mar 22, 2011 ... He then sold many of those chips on eBay to Zynga poker players for a total ... for running afoul of a 40-week suspended sentence imposed on him for ... While it is not involved in the “real money” poker business, Zynga is fresh ... Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

is there a ZYNGA POKER SHAG? gamers united need to snag for zynga poker please. Can Zynga erase accounts of FV Players using the snag bar ofOops, can you let us know what happened? Are you having trouble connecting to Gamers Unite? Want to connect but for some reason you can't? Zynga has banned me playing poker zynga | Forum plz can to give me my 30m in facebook please??..i will never send illegealy chips again please..because i play 24hours for this 30milion please give me back zynga.. Openning a Zynga suspended account | Poker Kedi Never forget that there are many fraudsters in the gaming industry as well as in all industries. You can contact with Pokerkedi for all kinds of support and the chip transactions for Zynga game.

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your account has been suspended for 3 days - Why my zynga poker policy violation warningyour account has been suspended for 7 days? 29% - How can i reactivate my zynga poker and i dont know my violation why im suspended? 16% - Zynga poker previous sent you an email regarding possible unauthorized access to your facebook and zynga poker account. this email was sent to b**l@ya?

I have been really consistent and I produce high quality work with a 4.93 feedback rating. In addtion, I have spent more than $10,000 on Odesk.A couple of days ago a notification was sent to you about your account suspension and with detailed steps for completing your account verification.